• McFarlane Toys NBA Miami Heat Sports Picks Series 20 Dwyane Wade Action Figure ["El Heat" Jersey]
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  • McFarlane Toys NBA Miami Heat Sports Picks Series 20 Dwyane Wade Action Figure ["El Heat" Jersey]
    Gold Collector Level 'El Heat' Uniform.
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    Wade plays the shooting guard position, but is also capable of playing point guard. On offense, he has established himself as one of the quickest and most difficult players to guard in the NBA. Wade's signature one-two step allows him to dash past bigger defenders and occasionally get the extra foul shot.[83] Wade is able to get to the free throw line consistently; he ranked first in free-throw attempts per 48 minutes in 200405 and again in the 200607 season. He has proven himself an unselfish player, averaging 6.3 assists per game throughout his career.[12] After winning the NBA Finals MVP Award in 2006, Wade developed a reputation as one of the premier clutch players in the NBA.[84]
    David Thorpe, an athletic trainer who runs a training center for NBA players in the offseason, also cites Wade's developing post up game as one of his strengths.[85] "Watching Wade operate on the left block is literally like watching old footage of MJ (Michael Jordan)," comments Thorpe.[85] Thorpe goes on to say that Wade's best moves from the post are his turnaround jump shot,[85] double pivot,[85] and what Thorpe terms as a "freeze fake",[86] a pump fake Wade uses to get his opponent to jump, so that he can then drive around him to the basket.[86] The main weakness cited in Wade's ability is his lack of three-point range; he has averaged .292 on three-point field goal attempts for his career.[12]
    Wade is best known for his ability to convert difficult lay-ups, even after hard mid-air collisions with larger defenders.[83] As crowd pleasing as his high-flying style of basketball may be, some have expressed concerns over the dangers of playing in this manner,[83] as Wade has already hurt his knees and wrists after mid-air collisions with larger players. Wade has also established himself on defense for his ability to block shots and accumulate steals