• McFarlane Toys Series 2 Halo Legends: The Package Action Figure 3-Pack
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  • McFarlane Toys Series 2 Halo Legends: The Package Action Figure 3-Pack
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    The fan-favorite final chapter of the 2010 animated movie, Halo Legends, was a short film by Casio Entertainment titled "The Package." In this segment, a team of elite Spartan-II soldiers is sent to retrieve a critical "package" from the depths of a massive enemy spaceship. As their team members fall to the overwhelming alien force, the success of the mission depends on the three remaining soldiers: the Master Chief, Frederic-104, and Kelly-087. This three-pack brings that heroic trio of Spartans to your action figure collection, just as seen on the poster for the thrilling conclusion of Halo Legends.
    Master Chief - This set includes the most famous Spartan of them all, the Master Chief, as previously seen in our Halo Anniversary Series 2 figure line. This version of John-117 is our first figure from the larger Halo universe of animation, novels, and comic books. Showcasing a more animated-style sculpt and updated paint, the Master Chief includes the distinctive white stripes and numbering seen in this thrilling adventure. The Master Chief comes equipped for battle with his trusty Assault Rifle.
    Frederic-104 - Debut figure, Lieutenant Frederic-104 -- often deployed with the Master Chief, usually on the most dangerous and important missions. A veteran of over 120 campaigns, this high-ranking, natural leader comes in his slate gray armor with custom white striping and Spartan number. Fred's armor features his unique helmet, and the shoulder-mounted combat knives that he uses with lethal efficiency during the mission to retrieve their objective from the Covenant. Figure also includes his signature weapon, the Spartan Laser. Fred's two combat knives are removable, and can be stored in his shoulder armor, just as seen in "The Package."
    Kelly-087 - Debut figure, Petty Officer Kelly-087 -- is the fastest of all the Spartan-II soldiers, with quick reflexes and reaction times far greater than any other human. Our Kelly figure is an all-NEW sculpt, capturing the lightning-fast Spartan exactly as she appeared in the animated film Halo Legends. Figure features Kelly in her white Mark IV EVA armor with yellow stripes and black Spartan number. Kelly comes equipped with a Shotgun, the perfect weapon for the close-quarters combat of fighting through a Covenant capital ship.