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MechWarrior HeroClix Age of Destruction Starter Set

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MechWarrior Age of Destruction Boosters contain more lethal combat, each with a BattleMech capable of being customized using gear and pilot cards. Situational alliance cards reward players who use multiple factions, while faction pride cards give faction-pure battleforces their own advantages! Quad 'Mechs take to the field as a brand new unit type!
Random Boosters contain super-rare gunslinger pilots. A lucky few will also find the ultra-rare preview Mech representing a new faction being introduced in the next expansion!
A MechWarrior Age of Destruction Starter Set is required to play. Collect all 141 units in the MechWarrior Age of Destruction set!
Randomized Contents:
4 prepainted, fully assembled MechWarrior: Age of Destruction miniatures (1 Mech, 1 vehicle, and 2 infantry), 1 gear card, 1 pilot card, 1 random card (either a planetary condition card, faction pride card, or situational alliance card.
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