Mega Bloks Dora the Explorer Dora's Park Adventure Set #3057

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Mega Bloks Dora the Explorer Dora's Park Adventure Set #3057
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Explore with Dora and celebrate her 10 years of being on T.V. with The Dora Park Adventure buildable playset! The Park Adventure playset allows fans to recreate their favorite T.V. scenes or create their own. Play with Dora, her backpack and her twin baby brother and sister as she pulls them along in her blue wagon to the various playground rides. With so many interchangeable pieces, your playground can have all kinds of different swing sets, slides, sandboxes and jungle gyms every time you play! Dig in the sandbox for buried treasure, search your jungle gym for explorer stars or reach for the sun on the swings!
Ideal for ages 3 and up.
* Celebrate 10 years of Dora on TV!
* Buildable playset allows for Dora and her twin baby brother and sister to have adventures on a playground.
* Includes Dora, Doras baby sibling figurines and Doras backpack as a special block.
* Includes multiple playground-themed pieces like sandboxes, slides, swings and everything you need to build a fun jungle gym!
* Combine with other Dora The Explorer playsets to continue exploring for hours of educational and creative play at your childs fingertips.
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