Mega Bloks Halo The Authentic Collector's Series UNSC Pelican Dropship Set #96824

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Mega Bloks Halo The Authentic Collector's Series UNSC Pelican Dropship Set #96824
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Establish your army, build and expand your units with the Halo UNSC Pelican Dropship playset by Mega Bloks! Build and recreate epic battle scenes between the UNSC and the Covenant with this authentic buildable vehicle! A mainstay of the UNSC military, the Pelican Dropships primary role is to deliver troops, equipment and weaponry to and from forward combat positions, making them an essential tool in the war against the Covenant. The key to its longevity and versatility comes from its four rotating thrusters for VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) capability, allowing it to deploy or evacuate UNSC forces within moments of landing. Set your two pilots in the fully functional cockpit, load your Pelicans troop bay with up to 4 more UNSC soldiers through the opening rear bay door and take your special forces into action!
"Pelican" is the name applied to a series of dropships operated by the UNSC Marine Corps, The UNSC Navy, and the New Mombasa Police Department.. Beginning service between 2503 and 2513, most Pelicans are equipped with 70mm Chain Guns and rockets in their wings. They can also carry a Warthog or Scorpion tank attached to their tails.
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