Mega Bloks The Smurfs Lazy Smurf Set #10703

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Mega Bloks The Smurfs Lazy Smurf Set #10703
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Deep in the forest very far from here lies a magical village full of mushroom-shaped houses and our tiny blue friends that stand three apples high The Smurfs! Build and rebuild Lazy Smurf's relaxing day of sleeping in his hammock out in the forest among the bugs, the flowers and the mushrooms. Anyone looking for Lazy will always know where to find him, napping about not doing a thing at all!
Ideal for children ages 4 and up!
* Build and rebuild Lazy Smurf's sleeping area
* Construct Lazy's hammock so he can sleep the days troubles away
* Includes green building plate for easy and secure building
* Includes hammock, mushroom pieces, various flower leaves and petal pieces, a friendly bee and Lazy Smurf figurine
* Fun on its own or combine with other Smurfs characters and playsets to further build and collect your World of Smurfs by Mega Bloks!
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