Mega Man NT Warrior Grave Booster Box #09

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Mega Man NT Warrior Grave Booster Box #09
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The NetAgents arrive! New NetNavis and their NetOps: Mesa and SharkMan, Sal and WoodMan, and Miyu and SkullMan! The evil Grave syndicate pits itself against the forces of good. New NetNavis and their NetOps include Mr. Gauss and MagnetMan, Kid Grave and ShadowMan and their leader Grave Virus Beast and Bass. Style Changes are introduced allowing powerful suits of armor to augment and power up NetNavis abilities. New allies join the fight, including GutsMan, SharkMan, SkullMan and WoodMan. A new cycle of viruses provides a new level of deck and game play strategy. New dual-color Battle Chips difficult to use, but powerful in their effects! New varying levels of rarity provide a great pack opening experience! 104 card set including 30 rares, 50 commons, 10 Ultra rares, 10 super rares and 4 starter-only foils.
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Decipher Inc.
NT Warrior
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Booster Box