Megamind Rocket Babies Mini Figure 2-Pack

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Megamind Rocket Babies Mini Figure 2-Pack
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Our Megamind Mini Action Figure - Rocket Babies features:
* 2 Highly Detailed and Poseable Figures
* Articulated Arms and Legs
* Compatible with Vehicles and Playsets
* Figures include accessories from the movie
Megamind is the most brilliant super villain the world has ever known. He has tried to conquer Metro City in every way, with each attempt a colossal failure thanks to the superhero "Metro Man." One day, Megamind actually defeats Metro Man, but then realizes that without a super hero, a villain's life has no purpose. Megamind creates a stronger opponent, Tighten, but Tighten turns to evil, so Megamind must decide if he can become the unlikely hero of his own story.
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Mini Figure 2-Pack
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