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Minecraft Mine-Keshi Cobblestone & Wooden Door Block Set

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Bandai Import Collection proudly presents the Minecraft Mine-Keshi series, the highly detailed Minecraft miniature constructible eraser collection. This collectible series has been one of the most anticipated items to be released based on the Minecraft game franchise! Now Minecraft fans can reconstruct their very own landscape in the real world! Every craft master knows block availability is one of the most essential keys to building the world the way they want it. With this Block Expansion Pack featuring a Wooden Door and Cobblestone eraser blocks, crafters can enhance their construction restricted only by the limits of their imagination. This set contains 10 cobblestone blocks and 1 wooden door. Each block can be completely disassembled and reassembled to not only show all the great detail, but to also preserves the constructible element Minecraft gamers love so much. This collection works seamlessly with all other sets in this collectible series giving complete freedom and endless possibilities to what can be built!
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