• MtG Journey into Nyx Mortals of Myth Intro Pack
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  • MtG Journey into Nyx Mortals of Myth Intro Pack
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    Assemble a mighty army of heroic Soldiers and Warriors, and power them up with spells that unlock their potential. Your opponent will be put to the test in combat by creatures that could become gigantic at a moment's notice.

    The "Mortals of Myth" deck focuses on getting lots of creatures with the heroic ability on the battlefield and triggering that ability with spells with the strive mechanic, which allows you to pay extra mana to increase the number of targets the spell has. For example, you can use Ajani's Presence to give a single creature +1/+1 and indestructible, or you can wait until the late game and funnel all your mana into Ajani's Presence to give that bonus to multiple creatures. Skyspear Cavalry doesn't have a heroic ability, but flying and double strike make it well-suited to take advantage of this deck's power-pumping spells.

    If your opponent is putting up too much of a defense against your onslaught, you have tools at your disposal to help you push damage through. Oppressive Rays, for instance, makes it more difficult for an opposing creature to attack or block. Akroan Mastiff can lock down your opponent's best creature each turn, while Banishing Light removes a problematic permanent from the battlefield altogether.

    There are many other paths you can explore to power up your heroic army. Launch the Fleet is a strive spell that lets you double your number of troops at a low cost, and it's an especially efficient way to trigger heroic. If you want to really push the aggression, Fabled Hero from the Theros set combines the best of two worlds with heroic and double strike.

    Deck List:
    11 Forest
    15 Plains
    26 lands

    2 Akroan Mastiff
    1 Akroan Skyguard
    1 Dawnbringer Charioteers
    1 Elite Skirmisher
    2 Golden Hind
    2 Lagonna-Band Trailblazer
    1 Oreskos Swiftclaw
    1 Phalanx Leader
    2 Pheres-Band Thunderhoof
    1 Quarry Colossus
    1 Skyspear Cavalry
    2 Supply-Line Cranes
    1 Vanguard of Brimaz
    1 Wingsteed Rider
    19 creatures

    2 Ajani's Presence
    2 Banishing Light
    2 Colossal Heroics
    1 Consign to Dust
    1 Font of Vigor
    1 Nature's Panoply
    2 Oppressive Rays
    1 Phalanx Formation
    1 Raised by Wolves
    1 Solidarity of Heroes
    1 Spear of Heliod
    15 other spells