• MtG Magic 2013 Wild Rush Intro Pack
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  • MtG Magic 2013 Wild Rush Intro Pack
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    If you play by instinct, combining natural skill with unrelenting ferocity, you're sure to enjoy the "Wild Rush" deck led by Yeva, Nature's Herald. Yeva turns every green creature in your handincluding herselfinto an opportunity for an ambush. Since Yeva has flash, you don't have to cast her when you normally cast creatures. Instead, you can wait until your opponent attacks you, then spring the trap by casting her out of nowhere and blocking! Once Yeva is out, all your other green creatures work the same way.

    Your creatures are bigger than your opponent's, but they also take more mana to cast. Early in the game, don't be afraid to keep your Deadly Recluses and Centaur Coursers back on defense. Use Arbor Elf to get twice the mana out of a Forest and Ranger's Path to get more Forests! Once you have enough mana to start casting behemoths like Sentinel Spider, Vastwood Gorger, and Duskdale Wurm, the game should swing in your favor.

    The deck's green spells, which focus on life and growth, are supplemented by a bit of necromancy. Black spells like Essence Drain and Public Execution can outright kill opposing creatures. Rise from the Grave works the opposite way, bringing any creature out of a graveyard as a Zombie!

    If you decide to add your own touches to this deck, there are plenty of awesome green monsters to seek out. Elderscale Wurm makes it nearly impossible for your life total to drop below 7. Thragtusk can give you more life and a bonus creature. Finally, the planeswalker Garruk, Primal Hunter fits right in to a deck of predatory beasts.

    1 Acidic Slime
    3 Arbor Elf
    2 Centaur Courser
    2 Deadly Recluse
    2 Duskdale Wurm
    2 Garruk's Packleader
    1 Mwonvuli Beast Tracker
    1 Primal Huntbeast
    1 Sentinel Spider
    2 Spiked Baloth
    2 Vastwood Gorger
    1 Yeva, Nature's Herald
    1 Yeva's Forcemage

    1 Crippling Blight
    2 Essence Drain
    1 Fungal Sprouting
    1 Naturalize
    1 Predatory Rampage
    1 Prey Upon
    2 Public Execution
    1 Rancor
    2 Ranger's Path
    1 Ring of Kalonia
    1 Rise from the Grave

    1 Evolving Wilds
    16 Forest
    8 Swamp