MtG Magic 2014 Death Reaper Intro Pack

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MtG Magic 2014 Death Reaper Intro Pack
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This deck comes out swinging with aggressive creatures that quickly put your opponent's back to the wall. You'll close the deal by making whatever sacrifices are necessary to secure victory.

Your goal in the early turns of the game is to play as many creatures as you can and keep turning them sideways to attack. Instants like Wring Flesh and Thunder Strike let you continue the attack even if the opponent plays a blocker. Make sure to use your spells to clear a path for the devastating Liliana's Reaver whenever possible.

Heavy hitters like Sengir Vampire and Vampire Warlord are in this deck to finish things off in the late game, but this deck is also capable of finishing things off outside of combat. Gnawing Zombie and Barrage of Expendables let you turn each of your creatures into additional damage. Try to avoid trading your creatures for your opponent's early on so that they stick around to sacrifice later. In particular, make sure your opponent doesn't catch you without 1 ManaBlack Mana to reanimate your Tenacious Dead, because later in the game you can sacrifice it over and over every turn!

Look for cards in Magic booster packs that fit in with this deck's strategy. Goblin Rally from the Return to Ravnica set creates four Goblin tokens for one card the perfect sacrifice fodder! Dark Prophecy from the Magic 2014 core set lets you draw a card every time a creature you control dies, which is all part of the plan with this deck. Finally, Shadowborn Demon is a giant flier that asks for a sacrifice unless you have a large graveyard, both easy requests for this deck to accommodate.
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