MtG Theros Favors from Nyx Intro Pack

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MtG Theros Favors from Nyx Intro Pack
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Comes with 2 Theros booster packs!

With the "Favors from Nyx" deck, bestow the gifts of the divine on your creatures, enhancing them with additional power and useful abilities.

A creature with bestow, such as Hopeful Eidolon, can be cast as a creature when you need one or as an Aura to enchant a creature you already have, including another bestow card that you cast as a creature. The best thing about bestow is that even if your opponent kills your enchanted creature, all of your bestow Auras will remain on the battlefield and revert back to creature form.

Celestial Archon is an especially awesome bestow creature because it is a potent threat on its own. If you are patient and wait to bestow your Celestial Archon on another creature, you make your opponent deal with it twice: once as an Aura and again as a creature.

The other spells in the deck will help you counter your opponent's strategy while building up your own. Save your kill spells, like Doom Blade and Vanquish the Foul, for creatures that are hard to block or for particularly large creatures. Gift of Immortality can buy you lots of time by creating a nigh-unkillable blocker.

If you enjoy playing with bestow creatures, consider Nighthowler from the Theros set, which grows in power as more creatures hit the graveyard. Fabled Hero is one of the most powerful Theros creatures to enchant because of the heroic ability and double strike. Ajani's Chosen from Magic 2014 grants you a free 2/2 Cat creature token for every enchantment you cast, including enchantment creatures with bestow whether you cast them as Auras or as creatures.
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