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My Little Pony The Movie 2017 Wave 3 (Series 21) Mystery Pack

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Celebrate friendship and fun with pony favorites at the Friendship Festival! Inspired by the characters from My Little Pony the Movie, these pony packs have a fun surprise inside. Each bag has an adorable pony for creating exciting stories with fun friends from Equestria. Collecting more pony figures means more stories to create. Which pony is waiting inside? Find out! Look for all 24: Savvy Saddles, Moon Dancer, Trenderhoof, Svengallop, Royal Guard, Sapphire Joy, Crystal Beau, Elbow Grease, Ivory Rook, Fleur De Verre, Braeburn, Apple Jack, Apple Bumpkin, Perfect Pie, Granny Smith, Sassaflash, Spring Melody, Orange Swirl, Blue Buck, Fleetfoot, Aunt Orange, Dane Tee Dove, Diamond Cutter, and Mosely Orange.
There are 24 different pony figures to collect
Pony figure is included in each bag
Friendship Festival theme
Inspired by My Little Pony the Movie
In Stock

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