Naruto Shippuden Card Game Emerging Alliance Booster Pack

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Naruto Shippuden Card Game Emerging Alliance Booster Pack
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Emerging Alliance is the fourteenth release for the Naruto CCG and introduces 145 new cards to the Naruto CCG.
Things have changed in the Naruto Shippuden world and Sasuke is no longer part of the team and Kakashi is recovering from injuries. In come new leader Yamato and new teammate Sai with their first Naruto CCG cards. Sakura and Naruto must forge new alliances for their important missions for the Leaf Village. Also, the first appearance of Akatsuki member Tobi and Naruto in Four Tailed Beast Form are the hot cards in this set. Also exciting is the appearance of new Naruto artwork made exclusively for the U.S. card game (not even seen in Japan)!
Emerging Alliance is a reminder that the Naruto world has changed and that the Naruto CCG is getting bigger and better.
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Shippuden Card Game
Emerging Alliance
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