Naruto Shippuden Card Game Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Booster Pack

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Naruto Shippuden Card Game Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Booster Pack
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It's the calm before the storm as the war rages on in the 28th series of the Naruto CCG Ultimate Ninja Storm 3. With each card featuring artwork straight from the aptly named video game series, Series 28 brings the 5th Great Ninja War to a higher crescendo than ever before. With Naruto joining the battle in his Nine Tails controlled form, the war seems to be swinging towards the Allied Shinobi Army. However, pressing the snake into a corner isn't wise as Kabuto bares his fangs, summoning the most fearsome ninjas from ages past, including the previous Raikage, Kazekage, and Tsuchikage, as well as the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. With the war quickly spiraling out of control, it's up to you to take control of the battlefield as the Storm continues to grow!
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Shippuden Card Game
Ultimate Ninja Storm 3
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