NECA Gears of War 2 Series 5 Colonel Victor Hoffman Action Figure

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NECA Gears of War 2 Series 5 Colonel Victor Hoffman Action Figure
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Hoffman is one of the highest ranked members of the Gears. He is believed to be largely responsible for putting Marcus Fenix in prison, but has since changed his stance on Marcus serving as a Gear.

A military man to the core, Colonel Victor Hoffman demands discipline and sacrifice from those under his command. Hoffmans strict adherence to these ideals has caused him to cross swords with Marcus Fenix on multiple occasions. Hoffmans testimony helped convict Marcus of Dereliction of Duty, although Hoffman later promoted him to Sergeant out of necessity. As the war with the Locust escalates, Hoffman must put aside his doubts and rely on Marcus Fenix and Delta Squad. At the end of Gears of War, Hoffman (aboard a King Raven) helps to defend Marcus while he is making his way toward General RAAM at the end of the train. Hoffman then helps Marcus board the King Raven as they make their escape.

In Gears of War 2, Hoffman is more grateful towards Delta Squad and all the work they have been doing. At one point in the game, when Marcus is raiding the secret research facility, his calls to Control and Anya are redirected to Command and Hoffman, who gives him direct orders. When Delta Squad returns to Jacinto, Hoffman joins Marcus and Dom in the defense when the Locust Horde attack en masse. He uses a sniper rifle in combat and opens the doors for Delta Squad to advance.
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