NECA Kill Bill Elle Driver Action Figure

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NECA Kill Bill Elle Driver Action Figure
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Elle Driver is accompanied by a small display base, and is presumably equipped with the Hattori Hanzo she purchased from Bud. Trained by Pai Mei, Elle Driver, California Mountain Snake, participated in the attack against The Bride, and was eager to finish off The Bride during the latters comatose state. Believing Bud to have ambushed and killed The Bride, Elle arranges to purchase Buds Hattori Hanzo sword. After claiming the sword and maneuvering Bud into a fatal bite from a Black Mamba snake, Elle was confronted by The Bride. In the course of a cramped, relentless duel, and upon hearing that Elle had in fact murdered Pai Mei, The Bride removed Elles one remaining eye, leaving her vanquished adversary is an infuriated near-hysterical state.
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