NECA Kill Bill The Bride Action Figure [Random Floor Piece]

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NECA Kill Bill The Bride Action Figure [Random Floor Piece]
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The Bride is accompanied by a small display base and Hattori Hanzo sword accessory. In her capacity as elite assassin Black Mamba, The Bride was a member of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad. The Brides pregnancy and subsequent attempt to leave the squad to establish a simple married life prompted Bill and the rest of the squad to ambush The Bride at the chapel. Severely wounded and left for dead in a comatose state, The Bride regained consciousness four years and six months later, and embarked on a quest to revenge herself against Bill and the rest of the squad. Traveling to Okinawa, The Bride inspired the reluctant Hattori Hanzo to supply her with one of his fabled swords. Clad in a yellow jumpsuit, The Bride visited the House of Blue Leaves, where she maimed Sophie Fatale, massacred the Crazy 88, and defeated Gogo Yubari before ultimately facing O-Ren Ishii, Cottonmouth, in single combat.
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