Neopets Trading Card Game Lost Desert Booster Pack

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Neopets Trading Card Game Lost Desert Booster Pack
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The much anticipated 6th expansion to the increasingly popular Neopets trading card game Lost Desert takes fans across shifting dunes and into the exotic city of Sakhmet. The 100-card expansion introduces three new Neopets -- the Tonu, Kau, and Ruki-along with vile curses players can place on their opponent's Neopets. Each 8-card booster pack gives collectors and players alike even more reasons to expand their growing collections of Neopets trading cards. The Lost Desert expansion for the Neopets TCG introduces a new plot that is themed around the sacred Lost Desert from, which has been hidden for thousands of years. Three new species for the TCG will be introduced in Lost Desert: Kau, Ruki and Tonu. Six new devastating curses have been added for players to use on their opponents Neopets.
Introduces cards based on the Wheel of Knowledge and the Wheel of Excitement, popular activities on the website. Lost Desert is a 100-card set with all the artwork created exclusively for the TCG. Virtual Prize Code card included in every booster pack.
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Wizards of the Coast
Trading Card Game
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