Ninja BBQ Set

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Ninja BBQ Set
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Skilled in battle
Let's face it, when you're grilling for a big party and you're trying to manage beef burgers for the meat-a-tarians, veggie burgers for the vegans, chicken parts for the on-a-diets, hot dogs for the kids, and corn on the cob, it's easy to lose track of when each thing needs flipping. But you don't have this problem. You are a BBQ Ninja and it's time you had the tools you deserve.

The Ninja BBQ set is the perfect gift for the grilling king or queen of your household. It comes with a carrying case that transforms into a heavy-duty pocketed apron. In the pockets are the two tools of the trade: a BBQ fork and spatula. But these are no ordinary utensils! Each one is stainless steel and features a ninja sword handle! Now you'll be ready for battle and burger-flipping, whichever happens first.

Product Specifications:
- BBQ Fork and Spatula with ninja sword handles
- Ready for stabbing meat or your enemies
- Please only use them to stab meat (or maybe corn on the cob)
- Black carrying case turns into a heavy-duty pocketed apron
- Great gift for the grilling king or queen of your household
- Materials: Stainless steel and molded plastic handles
- Dishwasher safe
- Handles are molded plastic - do not leave unattended on the grill, or they will melt
- Dimensions: 16.5" long.
3.00 LBS
Kikkerland Design Inc.
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