Nintendo NES Star Voyager Video Game Cartridge [Played Condition]

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Nintendo NES Star Voyager Video Game Cartridge [Played Condition]
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CosmoStation Noah, located in Spiral Galaxy IX, is under siege by Molok Wardrivers. Now it's time for the pilot of the RH119 to fend off the Molok Wardrivers and save the CosmoStation.

Star Voyager's gameplay requires the player to venture through various sectors of the galaxy in search of different alien fleets so they can be defeated. Fuel stations are placed around sporadically and help if fuel is running low. There are several different planets that are either empty or have people that can upgrade your equipment to fight off the enemy fleet. These upgrades include the super laser, improved shields, and engines that enhance the ship's warping ability. Warping is a vital part of the gameplay. If you do not warp to different sectors wisely, the player might end up lost, run into dangerous sectors such as the black hole or the asteroid field, or run out of fuel. The game ends if enemy ships destroy the CosmoStation Noah.
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