Nintendo NES StarTropics Video Game Cartridge [Opened, Incomplete]

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Nintendo NES StarTropics Video Game Cartridge [Opened, Incomplete]
Does not include instruction manual.
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In StarTropics, you play the part of Michael Jones. Mike's uncle (Dr. Jones, a famous archaeologist) is on C-Island looking for some lost ruins and has invited Mike to come visit him. However, shortly after arriving on the island Mike learns from Chief Coralcola that Dr. Jones has recently been abducted! Now it is up to Mike to locate Dr. Jones and find out why he was abducted. StarTropics is a combination of an adventure and action game played from an overhead point of view. Starting out with just an island yo-yo, Mike will need to search the island for Dr. Jones. The villagers may be able to offer some clues, there are many dangerous enemies to defeat, and along the way there are a variety of new weapons and other items to be found which will help Mike on his quest. The cartridge uses a battery backup to allow games to be saved.
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