Nintendo NES The Untouchables Video Game Cartridge [Played Condition]

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Nintendo NES The Untouchables Video Game Cartridge [Played Condition]
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The Untouchables is based on the 1987 film by Brian De Palma and works to correspond to the movie's plot outline. In 1920s Chicago, Eliot Ness and his small crew of law enforcement professionals are determined to bring down Al Capone and his gang.

The game features 7 levels of action named The Street, The Warehouse, The Bridge, The Alleys, The Train station, The Hostage, and The Rooftop. Some of the levels feature traditional jumping and shooting action. Other levels pit you against the gangsters in a first person shooter-style of gameplay where your character begins behind a wall, wraps around into an open area, and must take out the bad guys. When your character runs out of ammo, he slips back behind the wall to reload. These levels are accompanied with time limits and goals for the number of enemies you must kill.
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