Playmobil City Action RC Police Car with Camera Set #5528

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Playmobil City Action RC Police Car with Camera Set #5528
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Special Anniversary Edition:
3-in-1 RC Police Car with Camera Set!
Camera fits into passenger seat and transmits a video feed to the monitor so that you can see where you're driving. RC Module and Camera can be used with other PLAYMOBIL vehicles.
Celebrate 40 years of PLAYMOBIL with this special edition three-in-one RC Police Car with Camera set. Patrol the streets with this heavy-duty police vehicle, equipped with off-road tires, laptop, traffic cones, and more. Kids can take on the role of the police officer, driving the vehicle remotely with the help of the sets bonus RC Module. Store all the official police gear in the back the vehicle, while the sets bonus surveillance camera can be placed in the passenger seat. Kids can use the surveillance monitor, which easily mounts to the RC Module, to see where they are driving and keep an eye on things from afar.
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City Action
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