Pokemon Deoxys Box

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Pokemon Deoxys Box
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Deliver Devastating Damage with the DNA Pokemon Deoxys! Mysterious and magnificent with multiple mutations, the Mythical DNA Pokemon Deoxys is a true enigma! And now, with the Pokemon TCG: Deoxys Box you too can mystify your opponents with your own magnificent strategies! This awesome collection includes a fantastic Deoxys figure, 3 Pokemon TCG Black & White Series booster packs, 1 special oversized Deoxys-EX promo card, and a Team Plasma Druddigon foil promo card! The Pokemon TCG: Deoxys Box includes; The Mythical Pokemon Deoxys as an awesome figure; 3 Pokemon TCG: Black & White Series booster packs; 1 oversize promo card featuring Deoxys-EX; 1 special promo card featuring Team Plasma Druddigon.
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