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Pokemon Trading Card Game Sun & Moon Incineroar-GX Premium Collection [6 Booster Packs, 3 Promo Cards, Oversize Card, Pin & Coin]

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Fiery Fangs and a Love of Battle: Incineroar-GX!
Incineroar-GX can tear it up and burn it down! Using fangs, strikes, and powerful flames, this Pokémon lights up foes with powerful heat and relentless rage. Get this Premium Collection todaybecause Incineroar-GX is ready to turn on the flamethrower!
The Pokémon TCG: Incineroar-GX Premium Collection includes:
1 full-art foil promo card featuring Incineroar-GX
1 foil promo card featuring Torracat
1 foil promo card featuring Litten
1 Incineroar collectors pin
6 Pokémon TCG booster packs to expand your collection
1 foil oversize Incineroar-GX card
1 cool new Incineroar coin
A code card for the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online.
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