Pokemon World Championships Deck 2011 Ross Cawthon's The Truth

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Pokemon World Championships Deck 2011 Ross Cawthon's The Truth
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Ross Cawthon - Masters Finalist
Ross Cawthon brought to Worlds battles a deck unlike any other in play! Built to react to the other decks it faces, it uses Pichu to get evolutions rolling, Vileplume to lock down Item cards, Reuniclus to move damage counters, and Blissey to heal them all! And with heavy hitters like Donphan, Zekrom, and Suicune & Entei LEGEND to dish out some damage of their own, your opponents wont be able to handle The Truth!
* Vileplume x2
* Gloom x2
* Oddish x3
* Reuniclus x2
* Duosion x2
* Solosis x3
* Donphan x2
* Phanpy x2
* Blissey x1
* Chansey x1
* Zekrom x2
* Suicune & Entei LEGEND x1 (2 Cards)
* Pichu x2
* Cleffa x1
* Pokemon Collector x3
* Twins x4
* Sages Training x4
* Professor Oaks New Theory x1
* Copycat x1
* Pokemon Communication x3
* Rare Candy x3
* Seeker x2
* Tropical Beach x1
* Fire Energy x1
* Fighting Energy x2
* Rainbow Energy x4
* Double Colorless Energy x4
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Pokemon USA
World Championships Deck 2011
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