Portal 2 Personality Core Wheatley Inflatable Toy

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Portal 2 Personality Core Wheatley Inflatable Toy
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Buy one and you'll DIE!
We don't want to be alarming, but someone told us that if you buy an Inflatable Personality Core that you'll die. This was the same person who told us that if we flipped on our flashlight that we'd die or that if we detached from the rail, we'd die... so we're not sure if we should take their warning seriously or not. Third time's the death charm?

If you've always wanted your very own Personality Core, you're in luck! Aperture Science has perfected the Inflatable Personality Core: all of the personality, none of the expensive metal and electronics! They're perfect for hanging from rails on your ceiling, chatting you up while sitting on your desk, or convincing you to apply to be an astronaut.

Product Specifications
- Inflatable Personality Cores for fans of Portal 2
- Inflate 'em with air from your lungs
- Material: Non 7 phthalate PVC vinyl. CPSIA Standard.
- Choose: Wheatley or Spaaaaaaaaaace
- Officially licensed Portal 2 collectible
- Dimensions: approx. 12" (and a bit extra for the handles).

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Portal 2
Personality Core
Product Type:
Inflatable Toy
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