Power Rangers Action Card Game Legends Unite Booster Box

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Power Rangers Action Card Game Legends Unite Booster Box
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Rangers across the universe come together to battle evil in the newest series for the Power Rangers Action Card Game, Legends Unite!
The world has been slowly overtaken by evil, and rangers old and new combine forces to battle to push back this new challenge! Newcomers such as rangers from Alien, Operation Overdrive, and Turbo join the fray, featured together with the same series of rangers, and creating unlikely pairings with other series!
With unexpected additions to the rangers, including spirit rangers from Jungle Fury and the powerful, US only Titanium Ranger, evil stands no chance of defeating good!
Legends Unite introduces Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers, Power Rangers Turbo, and Power Rangers Operation Overdrive seasons to the Card Game. With the Legends Unite cards, gamers will be able to create Decks from every single season of Power Rangers. The set will follow the "Guardians of Justice" (Series 2) concept of a Booster-Only Set. Legends Unite is the largest Booster Set with 120 Cards. The new series will feature 7 fan favorite Ultra Rare cards and more Team Cards for the remaining seasons (except Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers).
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Legends Unite
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