• Predator 2 Predator Spear Prop Replica
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  • Predator 2 Predator Spear Prop Replica

    We carefully inspect each copy of this figure for damage. Due to the collectibility and fragility of this item, we cannot accept a return once it has been opened.
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    # The Spear, also referred to as a Combi-Stick, is used by Predators to attack and disable their prey.
    # The copper finish with sea green grip faithfully replicates the weapon as seen in the Twentieth Century Fox movie Predator 2.
    # The Predator spear replica measures approximately 32 long x 3.25 diameter.
    # The Predator spear replica is dramatically displayed against a black oval-shaped, wall-mounted display plaque.
    # This official Predator 2 movie prop replica is licensed by Twentieth Century Fox and comes with a numbered custom display case and certificate of authenticity.
    # Limited Edition: 2500 units worldwide.

    Predator 2 Spear

    Silent. Invisible. Invincible. He's in town with a few days to kill.

    Hes backthe brutal extraterrestrial killer, often cloaked in invisibility, known as the Predatorthis time in the gang-infested urban jungle of Los Angeles. In the 1990 sequel to Predator, the human-hunting alien ruthlessly cuts down his quarry with an impressive array of technologically advanced weaponry. In a ritualistic penthouse slaying of LAs most notorious drug lords, the alien wields the Predator Spear, or Combi-Stick, a retractable spear that can slice through virtually any surface, making it a formidable weapon for close range attacks. On one end is the blade, which the Predator uses to slash his prey to pieces. The other end shoots out a razor-sharp net that cuts his targets as well as stunning them with a potent electrical charge. In the closed position, the spear is close to a yard in length. When activated, it can extend to over 8 feet in length. The spear can also fire off javelin-like projectiles that travel great distances, so virtually no one can escape the Predators brutality.

    The creator of many of the props for Predator 2 made several different versions of the Predator Spear: the closed stunt spear, an initial extended spear approximately 5 feet in length, and the completely extended 8-foot spear. By cleverly filming these spears in close sequence, they appeared to be one weapon in continuous operation. To recreate the Predator Spear replica, Master Replicas made several molds from the original spear. Like the original props, our replica has a copper finish to simulate the patina of the original.

    Our highly skilled artisans applied their extensive expertise and experience in recreating the Predator Spear, a truly lifelike replica that we are proud to offer our discerning collectors. This finely-crafted collectible deserves a very special place in your collection.
    Out of Stock