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Series 1 Ravel Tales Mystery Pack [12 Surprises!]

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Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime with Ravel Tales! The newest and most innovative childrens DIY collectible for girls 4+. Series one launches in Spring 2020 with 12 assorted Ravel Tales characters. The more you unwind the more you find. Start your Ravel Tales journey by unwinding your yarn ball to uncover 12 fun surprises including: DIY activities , sticker sheets, accessories and of course your collectible plush Ravel Tales characters. Will you uncover a Rare Raveller? Find Banjo and Piccolo and add their magical sparkle to your collection! Join #TheUnravellers and share your journey with the Ravel Tales community on social media using the hashtag.
Create Pom Poms, Friendship Bracelets, and more
Sew together the unravels yarn to make a bed for your Rave Tale pet
Collect all 12 Ravel Tales characters
DIY and STEM inspirational
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