Redakai Conquer the Kairu Imperiaz Structure Deck

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Redakai Conquer the Kairu Imperiaz Structure Deck
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Koz STX-1-CHA-1006 Common Character 1
Princess Diara STX-1-CHA-1008 Rare Character 1
Teeny STX-1-CHA-1007 Common Character 1
Knight Asp STX-1-MON-2112 Exclusive Monster 1
Knight Asp STX-1-MON-2115 Rare Monster 2
Trisquad STX-1-MON-2202 Common Monster 2
Trisquad STX-1-MON-2204 Common Monster 1
Ear Splitter STX-1-ATT-3084 Common Attack 2
Mind Shock STX-1-ATT-3120 Common Attack 2
Corrosive Goop STX-1-ATT-3022 Common Attack 2
Roots of Doom STX-1-ATT-3112 Common Attack 2
Hydro Hooks STX-1-ATT-3096 Rare Attack 2
Heat Beam Attack STX-1-ATT-3103 Common Attack 2
Cold Beam Attack STX-1-ATT-3104 Common Attack 2
Lightning Storm STX-1-ATT-3092 Common Attack 2
Venom Blast STX-1-ATT-3064 Common Attack 2
Laser Claw STX-1-ATT-3106 Common Attack 2
Frenzy Rush STX-1-ATT-3055 Rare Attack 2
Pounce STX-1-ATT-3052 Common Attack 2
Laser Sting STX-1-ATT-3058 Common Attack 2
Brain Buzz STX-1-ATT-3057 Common Attack 1
Claw Slice STX-1-ATT-3051 Rare Attack 2
Typhoon STX-1-ATT-3109 Common Attack 1
Magnetic Tornado STX-1-ATT-3066 Common Attack 2
Mandi-Blades STX-1-ATT-3081 Common Attack 2
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Spin Master
Conquer the Kairu
Product Type:
Structure Deck
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