Redakai Conquer the Kairu Stax Structure Deck

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Redakai Conquer the Kairu Stax Structure Deck
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Ky STX-1-CHA-1000 Rare Character 1
Boomer STX-1-CHA-1001 Common Character 1
Maya STX-1-CHA-1002 Common Character 1
Froztok STX-1-MON-2021 Common Monster 1
Metanoid STX-1-MON-2000 Rare Monster 2
Metanoid STX-1-MON-2002 Exclusive Monster 1
Harrier STX-1-MON-2044 Rare Monster 2
Ear Splitter STX-1-ATT-3084 Common Attack 2
Mirage STX-1-ATT-3032 Common Attack 2
Stinger STX-1-ATT-3082 Common Attack 2
Magma Minions STX-1-ATT-3008 Rare Attack 2
Hypno Blast STX-1-ATT-3115 Common Attack 2
Jet Jump STX-1-ATT-3002 Common Attack 2
Slime Grenades STX-1-ATT-3102 Common Attack 2
Fire Tornado STX-1-ATT-3033 Common Attack 2
Feather Daggers STX-1-ATT-3025 Rare Attack 2
Feather Swords STX-1-ATT-3026 Common Attack 2
Fire Whips STX-1-ATT-3034 Common Attack 1
Plasma Energy Burst STX-1-ATT-3007 Common Attack 2
Seismic Shake STX-1-ATT-3011 Common Attack 2
Fire Vortex STX-1-ATT-3036 Common Attack 2
Boulder Toss STX-1-ATT-3012 Common Attack 2
Screech Whirlwind STX-1-ATT-3030 Common Attack 2
Laser Claw STX-1-ATT-3106 Common Attack 2
Screech Stunner STX-1-ATT-3027 Common Attack 1
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Spin Master
Conquer the Kairu
Product Type:
Structure Deck
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