Rising Stars Patriot Unmasked Exclusive Action Figure

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Rising Stars Patriot Unmasked Exclusive Action Figure
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Sometimes doing what you think is right, turns out to be well, pretty wrong. As one of the lead characters in Top Cow's red-hot comic Rising Stars, Patriot lives and breathes this axiom by killing off other superpowered Specials so he can absorb their powers and get stronger for the greater good of the world. Now, in conjunction with Dynamic Forces, Palisades and Top Cow Productions, TOYFARE is proud to give you something that will contribute to the greater good: this stunning Patriot variant. He may be down, he may be battered, he may even have bruises on his bruises, but he sure as heck ain t out. In fact, he s not even sold out! But if you don t order yours right now, he will be! This is the ToyFare Exclusive edition!
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Action Figure
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