Strawberry Shortcake Cookie Celebration Mini Figure 2-Pack

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Strawberry Shortcake Cookie Celebration Mini Figure 2-Pack
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Strawberry Shortcake
She might be tiny, but Strawberry Shortcake has a huge heart. Her friends love to gather at her Berry Caf, where they can always count on Strawberry Shortcake for a helping hand and some berry delicious treatsno wonder shes everyones best friend in Berry Bitty City!

Orange Blossom
This super-sweet cutie can always be counted on to give good adviceand a jolt of positive energy! She runs Orange Mart, the busy town market that carries everything a girl could ever need.

Help two new friends whip up something berry delicious! Your sweet-smelling Strawberry Shortcake and Orange Blossom figures are all set to bake some wonderful treats. Help them, mix, roll and cut out the dough with their mixing bowl, spoon, rolling pin and cookie cutter accessories. When youre all done and the treats have been baked with a little bit of imagination, youll all have a tray of cookies to share and enjoy!

Two scented figures come with one mixing bowl, one rolling pin, one spoon, one piece of dough with removable berry-shaped cookie cutter, one tray of cookies and one plate of cookies accessories.
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Mini Figure 2-Pack
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