The Big Bang Theory The Party Game Board Game

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The Big Bang Theory The Party Game Board Game
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Interested in playing? It's easy to join! Just deal out the cards and you're ready to play! Players will compete to pair category cards with show insider phrases and referneces. In each round of the game, one player serves as the "Referee", and the other other players submit one or two cards that they feel best describes the cateogry or description on the Referee's card. The Referee will award points to each player and then it's on to the next round with new cards and a new category! The game also features special Bazinga! cards that can add a bit of chaos and surprise to the gameplay!
With nearly 300 cards ranging from "Space Poop" to "Super Powers", the game will have everything you love about the show - right at your fingertips!

Game Box Contains:
271 Game Cards
60 Point Chips
6 Envelopes
1.50 LBS
Cryptozoic Entertainment
Product Type:
Board Game
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