The Mensch on a Bench Plush Figure

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The Mensch on a Bench Plush Figure
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The Mensch on a Bench is the Jewish alternative to the Elf on a Shelf, designed to add more Funukkah to Hanukkah! The Mensch on a Bench set comes with a 12" plush "Moshe" doll, a hardcover book and a removable bench. The Mensch on a Bench book tells the story of Moshe the Mensch who was in the temple when Judah and the Maccabees won the war against the Greeks. There was only enough oil for one night, but who would watch over the Menorah while everyone was sleeping? Moshe the Mensch! Now you can get your own Mensch to watch over your family's Menorah and bring new traditions to your family's Hanukkah celebration.
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