The Twilight Zone Talky Tina Bobble Head

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The Twilight Zone Talky Tina Bobble Head
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* "My name is Talky Tina, and I'm going to kill you!"
* She's back again to stay!
* Talking bobble head from the iconic The Twilight Zone TV series.

Long before Chucky, there was Talky Tina, star of one of the most spine-chilling episodes of The Twilight Zone ever aired. In the show titled "Living Doll" that also starred Telly Savalas, Tina kept coming back and coming back, no matter what he did to try to destroy her. If you remember that frightening episode, you may think twice before ordering this item. But don't worry. After all, she's only an innocent, 6 1/2-inch tall, talking resin bobble head or is she?
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Bobble Head
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