Thor The Mighty Avenger Odin's Sword Roleplay Toy

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Thor The Mighty Avenger Odin's Sword Roleplay Toy
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Take a soft stab at evil, verily! A cut above other Odin weapons! A mighty weapon to fight evil, inspired by the Thor movie! Everybody knows about Thor's hammer, but the mighty Thor has quite the arsenal! He has shields, daggers, and this-- the mighty Thor Movie Nerf Armor of Asgard Odin Soft Foam Sword Toy! Granted, Odin's sword wasn't really soft foam but this release is so it'll do minimal damage to your houseplants and pets. (Please don't hit your pets with it. But the plants? That's your call.) The soft grey blade is covered in a metallic silver substance emblazoned with the mighty THOR's name right on the blade, and the grip is forged in plastic and coated with a golden substance sure to inspire fear in the dark forces of evil... and if they're not around, door-to-door salesmen will beware its mighty blade! Verily!
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