Toffee Dolls Hellboy Exclusive Doll

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Toffee Dolls Hellboy Exclusive Doll
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A different twist on a much beloved character.taken from the inspiration of Mike Mignolas comic artwork, HELLBOY FAN Toffee is something many a fan can relate to.dressing up in their own unique style to emulate a character they love. This limited edition treasure is sure to be one of the hottest and in demand dolls for some time to come, so order now!
Hellboy Fan is part of Huckleberrys inaugural launch of Toffee dolls to ever be released by Japanese designer Riri Fukuju.
This plush, mixed medium doll is meticulously hand-made with special attention to details in hand painting the facial expression, hand applying the hair, sewing the body and outfit.
Hellboy Fan Toffee is dressed in a carefully tailored in a rockin tribute ensemble, which includes a trench coat styled after the comic art, Hellboy t-shirt, skirt and is accented with removable foam Right Hand of Doom and horned headband. Shes wearing black lace-up boots.
Hellboy Fan Toffee is made-up of exclusively made material containing the B.P.R.D. symbol patterned, as well as other symbols that Mike Mignola created for Hellboy.
Hellboy Fan measures 12 tall; 30.5 cm tall
Each doll is articulated with 5 poseable joints (neck, legs and arms)
The outfit is removable and can be dressed on other Toffee dolls.
Numbered Certificate of Authenticity
Doll Stand
Custom designed pull-out backdrop with Mike Mignola Hellboy artwork to highlight Hellboy Fan in her environment.
Handmade collectors box to store the doll in.
8.00 LBS
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