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Toy Story 4 Ultimate Walking Buzz Lightyear Action Figure [Damaged Package]

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This Space Ranger has a lot to boast about as Buzz Lightyear comes to life as this walking talking action figure. His multiple animatronic features include light-up functions, walking backwards, plus special steps from Toy Story 4.
Iconic design and sound effects with a unique facial expression
Speaks lines like ''Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!'' and ''We're on a mission to find our friends!''
Walks forward and backward and has secret, super special move from Toy Story 4!
Press the button under Buzz's arm to switch him ON with sound effects
Press the big red button on his left side to deploy his wings and hear him say 20+ phrases as he moves forward and sometimes backward, and swivels his hips in true character style!
Other authentic sounds include a big jet, wing deployment, and three blasters
Unlock the surprise to make Buzz do extra special steps from Toy Story 4!
Laser lights up!
Lifefelike motions, sounds and wings deployment for realistic mission play
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