Transformers Autobot Blaster Exclusive Action Figure

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Transformers Autobot Blaster Exclusive Action Figure
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AUTOBOT BLASTER loves music. Any music. From Cybertronian magna marches to down and dirty D.C. hardcore, he doesnt care what kind of music it is, as long as its loud. His collection of tunes from across the galaxy is second to none. Hes got first pressings of hit albums from sixty worlds, recordings of bird songs and the chirps of lizards from dozens more, and has himself mastered at least thirty instruments. Since his arrival on Earth, hes been tuned in to every aspect of the music scene. His alternate mode, after all, is perfect for bootlegging.

His hatred of the DECEPTICONS is equal to his love for music. The war they started killed the music scene (and most of the musicians) on CYBERTRON, a crime for which he will never forgive them. He charges into battle without hesitation, often taking on more than one opponent at a time. Luckily, his weapons systems and armor are more than up to the challenge, offering him superior firepower and protection. He doesnt always agree with the decisions his commanders make, but as long as hes given the chance to destroy DECEPTICONS, hes more than happy to leave the strategic choices to others.

Get ready to rock and roll with this fierce robot fighter. In robot mode, your AUTOBOT BLASTER figure just loves to battle it out with his enemies. And, with his STEELJAW, EJECT and RAMHORN Deployer figures at his side, they make an almost unstoppable team. When the battle starts to heat up, convert your AUTOBOT BLASTER to tape deck mode, (converted figure is not a working tape deck), fit the three Deployer figures inside, and blast away the bad guys! Sounds like another heroic victory for the AUTOBOT forces!
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