Transformers Masterpiece Optimus Prime Exclusive Action Figure

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Transformers Masterpiece Optimus Prime Exclusive Action Figure
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For millions of years, noble OPTIMUS PRIME has led the AUTOBOTS in their war against the tyranny of MEGATRON and his evil DECEPTICONS. His unwavering courage in the face of centuries of desperate battle is an inspiration to his comrades. He is an unstoppable warrior and a flawless leader, pushing ahead through the darkest times in the history of CYBERTRON and remaining unbowed, unbroken, and always committed to victory.
Whether hes chasing the DECEPTICONS in semi truck mode, or you convert his trailer to a battle station, your OPTIMUS PRIME figure is ready to lead the AUTOBOTS to victory! Set features AUTOBOT ROLLER vehicle and Spike Witwicky mini-figure to help their fearless friend and leader.
Trailer converts to battle station! Spike Witwicky mini-figure and AUTOBOT ROLLER included! Matrix of Leadership fits in chest!
Energon axe snaps on! Trailer has storage areas for Ion Cannon and Energon axe! OPTIMUS PRIME figure comes with AUTOBOT ROLLER, Spike Witwicky mini-figure, Energon axe and instructions.
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