Transformers Platinum Edition Ultra Magnus Exclusive Action Figure

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Transformers Platinum Edition Ultra Magnus Exclusive Action Figure
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Ultra Magnus is an inspiration to the Autobots under his command, and a source of terror for the Decepticons who fight against him. His ancient hammer a mighty artifact known as the Forge of Solus is a symbol of the strength with which he defends Autobot ideals. The thunderous strike of this incredible hammer has been known to topple even the greatest Decepticon warriors.
The inspiration of the Autobots is on the move, and your 4-in-1 electronic Ultra Magnus warrior figure is ready to take on the Decepticons! He can convert fast from robot command mode to weaponized robot mode. In either robot mode, he'll pound Decepticons into scrap with his mighty Forge of Solus Battle Hammer! When he needs firepower and mobility, he can convert to truck transport mode or weaponized truck mode. His weapons spin up and his power-up lights activate for incredible Transformers battle action!

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Platinum Edition
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Action Figure
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