Transformers Revenge of the Fallen ULTIMATE Bumblebee Action Figure [Battle Charged]

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Transformers Revenge of the Fallen ULTIMATE Bumblebee Action Figure [Battle Charged]
Includes 2 AA POWERFUL batteries.
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BUMBLEBEE stayed on Earth after the destruction of the AllSpark to continue protecting his friend Sam, and he has stayed with the young human every day since. As more DECEPTICONS have appeared to threaten Earth, the friendship between boy and robot has become something more. Now, human and AUTOBOT are teammates in a battle for the fate of the world, and neither will rest until every last DECEPTICON is a smoking wreck.
The biggest robot star in the world is back! BUMBLEBEE is ready to roll into action against the DECEPTICONS with motion-activated lights and sounds. His robot and vehicle modes have been updated with the latest in movie-accurate detail, making this awesome robot cooler than ever! In robot mode, this friendly figure features light-up eyes and a flip-down battle mask to let the enemy know he means business! Animatronic arms, head and wings bring this awesome ally to life and ready for battle. With a cannon that automatically aims and fires, this trusty teammate will help you recreate exciting film scenes or stage new battles of your own. Convert the figure to a cool Camaro concept car in vehicle mode and roll out! With updated hood and grille detail, this guy certainly is a looker! Headlights and taillights complete his look, while revving engine sounds, horn and car alarm and even screeching brakes and crashing sounds let you know this sleek sidekick is on the move! The battle is on are you ready?
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