Transformers TItanium Series Hot Zone Exclusive Diecast Figure

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Transformers TItanium Series Hot Zone Exclusive Diecast Figure
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Filled with what seems like boundless energy, HOT ZONE never stops moving. It is never a restless motion, but the movement of an individual constantly ready to spring into action. More than any other AUTOBOT, he is ready for battle at a moments notice, diving in and fighting with a warriors instinct that is second to none. Other AUTOBOTS take inspiration from his energy, following him cheerfully into the very heart of danger, and, thanks to his skills, always emerging unscathed.
Get into the actionor add to your collection!with this awesome, detailed, die-cast metal HOT ZONE figure. Prepare to give the DECEPTICON forces the fight of their lives with this mighty warrior that changes from a robot with hidden arm blasters to truck vehicle and back!
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Hasbro Toys
TItanium Series
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Diecast Figure
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