• Turbo Ring of Fire Track Set
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  • Turbo Ring of Fire Track Set

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    Compete for the title of Racing League Champion, just like Turbo in the new DreamWorks Animation movie! This action-packed track set lets kids recreate exciting racing scenes with the iconic 360 loop and challenging ring of fire!
    Kids Can Race Like Turbo!
    As featured in the new DreamWorks Animation movie, Turbo is an ordinary garden snail who dreams of being fast and competing in the worlds biggest car race! Now kids can achieve amazing speed and perform a thrilling stunt just like Turbo! with a track set that recreates a key moment from the movie. The Turbo Ring of Fire Stunt Set comes with one Turbo Shell Racer in League deco, but kids can race up to three Shell Racers vehicles (sold separately) for maximum action and fun.
    Ready, Set, Race, and Win!
    Help heroic Turbo show the world what he can do Shell Racer Style! Load the included Shell Racer at the starting gate, then slam the lever to launch him onto the track, speeding through the loop and conquering the ring of fire! To amp up the challenge and test their stunting skills, kids can position the fiery ring in different places at the end of the track.
    Rev Up the Playtime
    Collect additional Shell Racers vehicles (sold separately), load up to three at the starting gate, and shoot them quickly through the loop one right after the other! Just press the button to quickly release each Shell Racer into starting position. For more racing action, check out the Turbo Zip Line Stunt Race Set (sold separately).
    Based on the Thrilling New Movie
    Turbo tells the exciting tale of an ordinary snail with big dreams of racing! Those dreams come true when a strange accident gives Turbo the power of speed, and a group of racing snails teach him a new style of stunt racing. With the help of his new pals, Turbo trains for and enters the Indy 500, where he has the incredible chance to achieve the impossible! With this stunt set, kids can relive racing scenes from the movie and invent new adventures!
    Whats in the Box?
    Track set with loop, ring of fire, and one Shell Racer vehicle
    Includes one Turbo Shell Racer vehicle with cool character details
    Line up and launch a maximum of three Shell Racers vehicles
    Slam the lever to launch the Shell Racer onto the track
    Features a 360 loop and ring of fire
    Position the fiery ring in different places to increase the challenge
    Tons of racing and stunting fun based on the movie.
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