Wacky Packages Series 10 Trading Card Sticker Jumbo Box

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Wacky Packages Series 10 Trading Card Sticker Jumbo Box
18 Packs of 23 Stickers
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The 2013 Topps Wacky Packages All-New Series 10 base set has 55 cards, each with a new parody painting. About half of the card backs fit together to make a trio of nine-card puzzles. Other backs continue poking fun with 'coupons,' Wacky Billboards and movie poster spoofs. Hobby boxes have three parallels. Blue cards fall one per pack and Silver cards are 1:8 packs. Gold parallels are extremely rare. Every pack also comes with either an Awful Apps or As Screamed on TV card. Awful Apps, is a ten-card set that pokes fun at the games and gadgets found on Smart Phones. As Screamed on TV is a nine-card set. Other inserts include Magnets (10 cards, 1:12 packs), Tattoos (10 cards, 1:6 packs) and Sketch Cards (800 total for the entire product run).
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Wacky Packages Series 10
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Trading Card Sticker Jumbo Box
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