Watchmen Club Black Freighter Ozymandias Exclusive Action Figure

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Watchmen Club Black Freighter Ozymandias Exclusive Action Figure
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Hell take Doctor Manhattan, the Night Owl and Silk Spectre too hell take them out, that is, along with anyone else he sees as an enemy to his twisted plan to destroy/save the world! This fully articulated 6 figure comes in unique book-type packaging, and arrives with both masked and unmasked heads and yellow base with black Watchmen logo. Also includes an original Watchmen oversized trading card with all-new art and character bio.

This is a limited series inspired by one of the all-time greatest comics and will include all six Watchmen team members by years end. When the series is complete, the iconic graffiti-style Watchmen logo will be revealed when all packages are placed side-by-side and the Doomsday clock will count down to zero when viewed from the front.
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Club Black Freighter
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Action Figure
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